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Fred Greenberg has been our corporate attorney for the past 5 years, representing the interests of Acrilex Inc. in a myriad of issues, contracts, disputes, leases, insurance situations, etc that are part of the daily operations of any business enterprise.

Fred is the most competent and honorable person and attorney that continues to exceed all of our expectations, on both a professional or personal basis.

He is available at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, local or away, and always returns every email and other communication promptly. He has been of the utmost benefit in the course of relocation, property and insurance claim negotiations in a recent crisis.

He is completely committed to our organization and our personnel, and it gives us complete assurance that our legal interests are always protected.

—David Grunberg, Chief Financial Officer, Acrilex Inc.

Fred has served as our Company’s counsel since I started Thrive Commerce in 2015. He’s helped with a variety of legal matters including our software Terms of Service, client bankruptcies, and payment collections among other things.

Fred is highly versatile, dependable and dedicated and takes a very personal and practical approach. Unlike most attorneys, Fred’s counsel often takes into account business and real world realities that many business owners often face when making difficult decisions. He is transparent and efficient in his communications and would undoubtedly be the first attorney I’d call should a personal or corporate legal issue arise.

—Scott Bohrer, Co-Founder & CEO, Thrive Commerce LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of trying two cases with Fred, a jury trial in Los Angeles and a court trial in San Mateo.  Fred is an excellent lawyer.  He is smart, knowledgeable and experienced, and has handled a broad range of cases and clients.  Perhaps more importantly, he has excellent judgment and composure.  He is great with people, and gets along with everyone, even in the heat of contentious litigation.  Clients love Fred, and stick with him for decades.

—Steven A. Schuman, Esquire, Leonard, Dicker & Schreiber, LLP, Beverly Hills, California

Fred Greenberg has served as our corporate and litigation counsel since 2019. In that capacity Fred has reviewed and updated our corporate records and filings, created or revised many different employee, consultant and client contracts, researched the multitude of administrative and regulatory provisions that impact our business in various jurisdictions and provided compliance advise and successfully handled all disputes or litigation matters involving our company.

Fred makes himself available when I need him and is always prompt to answer my questions or concerns. He’s honest and straightforward and gets the job done!!! I would highly recommend him to my colleagues, friends and family.

—Starla Smith-Voluck, President HouseholdStaffing.com

Fred Greenberg has been my attorney for over 30 years.  He has focused primarily on business matters for the family, but also offered his wisdom and guidance on family and personal matters.

Fred is an outstanding attorney and one of the most trustworthy and honorable men I have ever known.  I highly recommend him.

—David J. Cohan, General Partner, Cohan Family Limited Partnership

Fred Greenberg is a superb attorney. Fred would be my choice as an arbitrator, not because he would favor my client, but because Fred will be impartial, fair, just and base his decision on the facts of a case and the strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ arguments in consideration of the law. He will listen and ask the right questions when counsel is presenting their arguments. Fred is not only smart but wise and has the highest ethical standards.

I have known Fred for over thirty years and have referred several clients to him during that time. Those clients have told me that Fred was terrific in all regards, producing unexpectedly great results.

I highly recommend Fred Greenberg as an arbitrator, without qualification.

—Eric R. Allon, Esquire

Each time friends and colleagues ask me who is a good arbitration lawyer, my answer is always Fred Greenberg. Over the last decade when I’ve found myself in situations causing me sleepless nights, I’ve reached out to Fred and he has arbitrated the issues with great outcome. And for that I’ll always be grateful to him. Fred has a natural way about him. He listens keenly and engages in a manner that yeilds clarity. His humility and gentle demeanor make it easy to talk to him. It is these same qualities that lend him a persuasive and reconciliatory approach to difficult situations. Fred has also arbitrated issues for my colleagues and friends and not a single one of them has been disappointed. That is why I can confidently attest to his abilities as an excellent arbitrator.

I’m proud to have Fred as my lawyer.

—Rose Wadenya, DMD, MS

We are pleased to write a letter of recognition for the stellar work that Fred has provided to our company. During a period of growth as well as incorporation of new members to the company, Fred provided professional and strategic advice on how to best structure our company as well as partnerships. His knowledge in the field is exceptional and we highly recommend him for legal services for corporate entities.

—Christing Martey-Ochola, CEO, Nuelehair LLC

During the almost two decades during which Fred served as the Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers International Union’s (“GMP”) outside attorney, I came to rely on him regularly as a sounding board to help me work through difficult decisions regarding my job responsibilities. His understanding of the issues, patience, sound judgment, and ability to separate out the emotions helped me to both refocus and make decisions that served the best interests of all concerned. Fred proved to be an invaluable asset to our organization.

Fred handled every legal matter that came through the GMP’s doors, accordingly the nature of his work was extremely wide-ranging. Some examples include: administrative proceedings, including both NLRB and EEOC matters and state administrative proceedings; grievance and arbitration proceedings, including providing guidance to our staff concerning which grievances were meritorious and which were not; instructions to staff on how to handle various arbitrations; counsel for the GMP in arbitration proceedings; participation in collective bargaining negotiations and drafting/revision of collective bargaining agreements; education and training for our staff on relevant legal issues; pension plan issues and disputes; collection actions; drafting and interpretation of drug and alcohol policies; representation of the GMP and its local unions in bankruptcy cases; immigration, personnel and employment matters; COVID 19 practices throughout the United States; and real property issues for the GMP International as well as local unions located throughout the United States. Fred also was responsible for all legal issues relating to the merger of the GMP with the United Steelworkers in 2016.

I remain grateful to Fred for nearly two decades of legal guidance and support.

—Bruce R. Smith
International Secretary Treasurer, then President of the Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers International Union, 2004 – 2016
Chairperson of the GMP Council of the United Steelworkers, 2016-2020


Fred Greenberg is my dad. I asked (perhaps begged) him to let me add my own testimonial for two reasons. One, because he has handled every legal matter I have ever come across (contracts, negotiations, NDA’s, non-competes, business counseling, and so much more) and he has never once steered me wrong. There is not much my dad hasn’t seen, counseled or litigated at this point. So when you approach him with a legal matter, he’s able to draw from years of experience, while also exercising the sound, moral judgment that’s his trademark.

Now, for the second reason I wanted to write this testimonial. My entire life, I have had a front-row view to how my dad treats his clients. And what amazes me is that every single time, he treats them exactly the way he treats me: like family. It’s why so many of his clients have become friends, and so many of his friends have become clients. I always joke that I’m grateful to have a lawyer in the family. But the truth is, I’m grateful to have a Fred Greenberg—and I imagine his other clients feel the same way.

— Jacqueline Resnick